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The Chair in Photonics



The Chair in Photonics is a structure located on the Metz Campus of CentraleSupélec and that is part of the LMOPS laboratory (Optical Materials, Photonics and Systems). The LMOPS is a common research unit between CentraleSupélec and the University of Lorraine.

Launched for an initial period of four years (2017-2020), the Chair in Photonics is as of today the first Chair in France that is dedicated to photonics, i.e., the science and technologies using light.

The Chair in Photonics is unique also by its funding involving multiple partners, including a major industrial group AIRBUS (GDI Simulation), the European Union (FEDER or ERDF – European Regional Development Fund), the French Republic, the Region Grand-Est, the Department of Moselle and Metz Metropole.

Photonics is considered by the European Commission as one of the five key enabling technologies (KET) in the framework of Horizon 2020 program.



The Chair in Photonics targets the following research goals :

  • to improve the performances of optical communication systems ;
  • to develop innovative approaches for optical computing or for optics-based information security ;
  • to develop innovative solutions for the storage and the handling of optical information.



The Chair in Photonics contributes to an innovative program of education and training of engineers and scientists, more specifically :

  • engineering diploma of CentraleSupélec, with specialisation in « Photonic and Communication Systems » (SPC major) ;
  • master in physics diploma of CentraleSupélec and Université of Lorraine, with specialization in « photonics and optical materials » (POM).

The Chair in Photonics also aims at promoting the importance and use of light and optical technologies towards a large audience.



The Chair in Photonics aims at developing the transfer of knowledge, scientific and technological skills towards companies. In this framework, the Chair in Photonics has engaged collaboration with Airbus group GDI Simulation that develops and commercialises innovative systems for combat shooting simulation.


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