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Method for detecting roundabout for advanced driving assistance system in vehicle, involves identifying and locating roundabout, and recording parameters characterizing roundabout in digital navigation map

Clément Zinoune , J. Ibanez-Guzman , Philippe Bonnifait
France, Patent n° : FR2997183A1; FR2997183B1. 2014
Patents hal-02673853v1

Modelling and control of mini ying machines

Pedro Castillo Garcia , R. Lozano , A. Dzul
Springer-Verlag, pp.251, 2005, Advances in Industrial Control
Books hal-00449979v1

Vision-based autonomous hovering for a miniature quad-rotor

Jose-Ernesto Gomez-Balderas , Sergio Salazar , J. A. Guerrero , R. Lozano
Robotica, 2014, 32 (1), pp.43-61. ⟨10.1017/S0263574713000611⟩
Journal articles hal-00851942v1

Road safety: Embedded observers for estimation of vehicle vertical tire forces

Moustapha Doumiati , Alessandro Victorino , Ali Charara , Daniel Lechner
International Journal of Vehicle Autonomous Systems (IJVAS), 2012, 10 (1/2), pp.117-143. ⟨10.1504/IJVAS.2012.047696⟩
Journal articles hal-00851298v1

Two methods for modeling and verification of safety properties of railway infrastructures

A. Faivre , A. Lapitre , A. Lanusse , M. Perin , S. Rangra , et al.
2015 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Systems Management (IESM), Oct 2015, Seville, Spain. pp.48-54, ⟨10.1109/IESM.2015.7380134⟩
Conference papers cea-01836265v1

A multi-criteria methodology to evaluate the optimal location of a multifunctional railway portal on the railway network

Chiara Bersani , Roberto Sacile , Mohamed Sallak
Journal of Rail Transport Planning & Management, 2015, 5 (78-91), ⟨10.1016/j.jrtpm.2015.06.003⟩
Journal articles hal-01298889v1

On the study of human reliability in transportation systems of systems

Subeer Rangra , Walter Schön , Mohamed Sallak , Frédéric Vanderhaegen
10th IEEE System of Systems Engineering Conference (SoSE 2015), May 2015, San Antonio, TX, United States. pp.208-213, ⟨10.1109/SYSOSE.2015.7151980⟩
Conference papers hal-01266811v1

Numerical approach for estimation of the rotor speed of the asynchronous machine

Huu Phuc Nguyen , Lajnef Chayma , Jérôme de Miras , Stéphane Bonnet , Ali Charara , et al.
Surveillance 8, Oct 2015, Roanne, France
Conference papers hal-01270408v1

Actuator fault diagnosis in an octorotor UAV using sliding modes technique: Theory and experimentation

Majd Saied , Hassan Shraim , Clovis Francis , Isabelle Fantoni , Benjamin Lussier
European Control Conference (ECC 2015), Jul 2015, Linz, Austria. pp.1639 - 1644, ⟨10.1109/ECC.2015.7330772⟩
Conference papers hal-01258944v1

Chattering-Free Sliding Mode Altitude Control for a Quad-Rotor Aircraft: Real-Time Application

Iván González , Sergio Salazar , Rogelio Lozano
Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems, 2013, 73 (1-4), pp.137-155. ⟨10.1007/s10846-013-9913-8⟩
Journal articles hal-00937588v1

Aerodynamical configurations and dynamical models

Pedro Castillo Garcia , Alejandro Dzul
R. Lozano. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Embedded Control, WILEY, 2010
Book sections hal-01138952v1

On Unification of Self- and Event-Triggered Control Techniques for the Stabilization of Linear Systems

Sylvain Durand , Fermi Guerrero-Castellanos , Rogelio Lozano
15th IFAC Latinamerican Control Conference (CLCA 2012), Oct 2012, Lima, Peru
Conference papers hal-00943580v1

Robust Control Algorithm for a Rotorcraft Disturbed by Crosswind

Laura Muñoz , Pedro Castillo Garcia , Omar Santos
IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, 2014, 50 (1), pp.756-763. ⟨10.1109/TAES.2013.110136⟩
Journal articles hal-01136167v1

Lyapunov-based trajectory tracking controller for a fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle in the presence of wind

Cornel Alexandru Brezoescu , Rogelio Lozano , Pedro Castillo Garcia
International Journal of Adaptive Control and Signal Processing, 2015, 29 (3), pp.372-384. ⟨10.1002/acs.2480⟩
Journal articles istex hal-01136170v1

Risk Indicators Evaluation Based on Anticipated Vehicle Dynamics Parameters

Raymond Ghandour , Alessandro Correa Victorino , Ali Charara , Daniel Lechner
IEEE Intelligent Systems, 2012, 27 (2), pp.68-73
Journal articles hal-00798165v1

Risk Indicators Anticipation Based on the Vehicle Dynamics Anticipation to Avoid Accidents

Raymond Ghandour , Alessandro Correa Victorino , Ali Charara , Daniel Lechner
IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV 2012), Jun 2012, Alcalá de Henares, Spain
Conference papers hal-00798189v1

Functional Diversification for Software Fault Tolerance in Data Fusion: a real Application on Kalman Filters for Mobile Robot Yaw Estimation

Kaci Bader , Benjamin Lussier , Walter Schön
The annual European Safety and Reliability Conference (ESREL 2015), Sep 2015, Zürich, Switzerland. pp.3977-3985
Conference papers hal-01121215v1

On the distinction between aleatory and epistemic uncertainty and its implications on reliability and risk analysis

Felipe Aguirre , Mohamed Sallak , Walter Schön , Siqi Qiu
European Safety and Reliability Conference (ESREL 2013), Sep 2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Conference papers hal-00917090v1

Straight-line path following in windy conditions

Alexandru Brezoescu , Pedro Castillo Garcia , R. Lozano
International Conference on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Geomatics (UAV-g), Sep 2011, Zurich, Switzerland
Conference papers hal-00660384v1

Trajectory Tracking for a Group of Mini Rotorcraft Flying in Formation

Jose Alfredo Guerrero , Pedro Castillo Garcia , Yacine Challal
18th IFAC World Congress (IFAC WC 2011), Aug 2011, Milan, Italy. pp.6331-6336
Conference papers hal-00660387v1

Drive Behavior Diagnosis Based on Vehicle Dynamics State Observers and I2V communication

Bin Wang , Alessandro Correa Victorino , Bertrand Ducourthial , Ali Charara
IEEE 17th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC'2014), Oct 2014, Qingdao, China
Conference papers hal-01132497v1

Further remarks on stability crossing curves for SISO systems controlled by delayed output feedback

Irinel-Constantin Morarescu , Silviu-Iulian Niculescu
IEEE International Conference on Control Applications, Oct 2006, Munich, GERMANY, Germany. ⟨10.1109/CACSD-CCA-ISIC.2006.4777150⟩
Conference papers hal-02195824v1

Static output feedback stabilization Necessary conditions for multiple delay controllers

V.L. Kharitonov , Silviu-Iulian Niculescu , J. Moreno , Wim Michiels
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 2005, 50 (1), pp.82-86. ⟨10.1109/TAC.2004.841137⟩
Journal articles hal-02294305v1

Robust Control for Multi-Model Planar Robots Coordination

Manuel Jimenez-Lizarraga , Chapa Ricardo , Celeste Rodriguez , Hever Arellano , Pedro Castillo Garcia
23rd Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation (MED 2015), Jun 2015, Torremolinos, Spain. pp.859-864
Conference papers hal-01299255v1

Quadrotor’s Trajectory Tracking Control using Monocular Vision Navigation

Diego Mercado , Pedro Castillo Garcia , Rogelio Lozano
International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS 2015), Jun 2015, Denver, United States. pp.844 - 850
Conference papers hal-01299258v1

Improving Attitude Estimation Using Inertial Sensors for Quadrotor Control Systems

Ricardo Sanz , L. Rodenas , Pedro Garcia , Pedro Castillo Garcia
International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS 2014), May 2014, Orlando, Florida, United States. pp.895-901
Conference papers hal-01139114v1

Flight Formation Control

José A. Guerrero , Rogelio Lozano
Josep Guerrero, Rogelio Lozano. John Wiley & Sons, pp.328, 2012, Rogelio Lozano, 978-1848213234. ⟨10.1002/9781118387191.ch7⟩
Books hal-00937571v1

Quad Rotorcraft Control. Vision-Based Hovering and Navigation

Luis Rodolfo García Carrillo , Alejandro Enrique Dzul López , Rogelio Lozano , Claude Pégard
García Carrillo, L.R., Dzul López, A.E., Lozano, R., Pégard, C. Springer-Verlag London, pp.179, 2012, Advances in Industrial Control, Lozano, R., 978-1-4471-4398-7. ⟨10.1007/978-1-4471-4399-4⟩
Books hal-00937561v1

Control of a gun launched MAV for scene observation

Vincent Gassmann , Adrien Drouot , Corentin Chauffaut , Emmanuel Roussel , Sébastien Changey , et al.
2nd IFAC Workshop on Research, Education and Development of Unmanned Aerial Systems (RED UAS 2013), Nov 2013, Compiègne, France. pp.CDROM
Conference papers hal-00921811v1

An extension of Universal Generating Function in Multi-State Systems considering epistemic uncertainties

Sébastien Destercke , Mohamed Sallak
IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 2013, 62 (2), pp.504-514. ⟨10.1109/TR.2013.2259206⟩
Journal articles hal-00803291v1